H & H Multimedia | Digital Downloaded Images

H & H Multimedia currently offers two sizes in digital download images:

  • Medium Resolution (web use / Facebook)

Low resolution images are only meant to be used on the web for such things as Facebook cover pages and other social media photo galleries.  NOTE: Low resolution images ARE NOT of high enough resolution for you to save them as your desktop background or wallpaper for your computer -- if you do this, they will most likely appear blurry or pixelated.

  • High Resolution

High resolution digital download images are of the orginal resolutino of th photograph.  These images are suitable for printing and are usable as your computer desktop background image (when set to "Fit"). 

Though these images are more than good enough to have large prints made of, we urge you to use our third-party provider namd Mpix, they are simply the best and when you see your prints from these good folks, you'll never go back to your local retailer again for custom prints... Sandy and I used Mpix to purchase some of our personal photographs and we were so amazed that we would not send another print anywhere to be made!  Read our our customer testimonials to believe it! 

  • Team/Group Photos

You will notice that our digital downloads for team/group images are a bit more expensive than indiviual or player iso(lated) images.  The reason for ths is that we know if one person purchases a digital download of a team photo, they'll likely send electronic copies of it to the rest of the team.  Prints of Team/Group images, however, are the same price as individual player iso print images.  While we are can coy prints (which you are officially not allowed to do) the quality of the duplicate prints is usually not that great.