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Windows 10 Photos App

Microsoft has introduced a new Photo application named Photos which replaces the good old Windows Photo Viewer.  Unfortunately, this new photo app performs very poorly (can be slow in moving from photo-to-photo) and renders poor quality images.  So, before you contact us about a digital image you purchased from us that looks horrible, please use an alternate viewer.

Here at H & H, we use an app named IrfanView on Windows 10.  This photo viewer application has been around for years and is an excellent alternative to Windows 10 Photos, which comes with the Windows 10 operating system.  IrfanView is so much more than a photo viewer and it's performance (when moving from photo-to-photo) is extremely fast and it's image quality is far superior than Windows 10 Photos.

Get it here, it is FREE: http://www.irfanview.com/64bit.htm

Download and install this IrfanView then use the Windows Control Panel to associate your JPG files with IrfanView.